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Angelo Rodriguez

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Angelo Rodriguez

Angelo Rodriguez has credentials as a Bible worker for Can Not Be Hidden Ministries.As a health evangelist, he has extensively researched into the pharmaceutical industry and focuses his sermons on revealing their role in today’s society. He also uses his knowledge of Biblical principles with his expertise of the health industry to provide his listeners with natural methods to¬† heal disease and encourages easy alternatives to improve lifestyle and nutrition.

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Don’t Compromise
31/01/11, 11:30 AM
49:58 minutes

Have You Visited the Great Physician?
02/01/12, 10:00 PM
51:08 minutes

Killing Cancer Naturally Part 1
02/01/12, 10:00 PM
38:00 minutes

Killing Cancer Naturally Part 2
02/01/12, 10:00 PM
38:15 minutes

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