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Charissa Fong

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Charissa Fong

Charissa Fong is a powerful preacher tailored to the youth. Charissa conducted her first evangelistic campaign, as a school student, resulting in over 30 decisions for baptism. From her earliest years Charissa has dreamt about being an evangelist. Based in Sydney, Charissa has a busy national schedule.


Beyond the Open Door
19/08/12, 01:30 AM
45:39 minutes

O God, You Know
14/07/12, 01:00 AM
57:01 minutes

Without God
01/07/12, 09:00 AM
42:51 minutes

Try Jesus
01/07/12, 09:00 AM
46:24 minutes

Where is God?
01/07/12, 09:00 AM
43:48 minutes

What Are You Doing Here?
13/01/12, 12:00 PM
56:14 minutes

The Holy War
09/11/11, 10:30 PM
55:29 minutes

Only Jesus
02/01/12, 10:00 PM
49:24 minutes

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