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Taj Pacleb

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Taj Pacleb

Evangelist Taj Pacleb was born and raised in Hawaii. Growing up with no Christian background, Taj became involved in a life with no purpose and direction. Whilst in high school, Taj’s nickname was “the Chronic”, a reference to his love for marijuana and partying. However, at the age of 16, he was invited to a prophecy seminar where the Word of God was able to penetrate his clouded mind. Through these meetings, he saw that what Christ had to offer was more satisfying and fulfilling than what this world had to offer. Through one prayer God set him completely free from that destructive lifestyle. Currently he is serving God as a public evangelist and revivalist, holding seminars across California. He has had the opportunity of presenting life-changing messages from God’s word on four different continents and in many other locations in the United States helping others find the fulfillment that he found in Jesus Christ. For further information regarding his ministry, Revelation of Hope Ministries, visit


Weed of Death or Word of Life
19/01/13, 07:30 PM
94:54 minutes

The Third Elijah
19/01/13, 08:00 PM
63:04 minutes


Revelation of Hope

1. Unlocking the Revelation
02/08/13, 09:30 PM
72:42 minutes

2. The End – Is It Here, Near, Or Mere Fear?
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
72:36 minutes

3. Prophecies Final Countdown
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
58:26 minutes

4. Why Does God Allow Sin and Suffering?
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
74:35 minutes

5. The Seed of Bible Prophecy
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
65:33 minutes

6. Revelation Two Minute Warning
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
80:27 minutes

7. Facing the Judgment with Confidence
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
71:23 minutes

8. Israel in Bible Prophecy
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
78:11 minutes

9. The Secret About the Secret Rapture
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
72:14 minutes

10. Revelation’s Answer for Global Peace
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
86:35 minutes

11. Revelation’s Eternal Sign of Love
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
88:41 minutes

12. Antichrist’s Greatest Deception
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
76:52 minutes

13. How to Postpone Your Funeral
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
69:40 minutes

14. Can the Dead Speak to Us?
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
76:04 minutes

15. Revelation’s Final Showdown
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
88:26 minutes

16. God’s Love in Hell Fire
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
72:23 minutes

17. Living to Die and Dying to Live
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
84:46 minutes

18. Revelation’s Mysterious Horsemen
02/08/13, 10:00 PM
74:25 minutes

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