Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2022

Luke Stuart

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Luke Stuart

Luke Stuart works as an evangelist in Australia. His sermons have an emphasis on youth ministry and encouraging others to transform their lives through the renewing of their mind.


Our Commission to Save
30/03/13, 11:00 AM
27:34 minutes

Jesus Exposes Satan’s Lies
30/03/13, 11:00 AM
55:33 minutes

In the Sanctuary
30/03/13, 11:00 AM
74:43 minutes

Walking with Jesus
30/03/13, 11:00 AM
44:05 minutes

The Wager of Life
29/03/13, 11:30 PM
13:35 minutes

Come Let us Reason Together
29/03/13, 11:30 PM
40:38 minutes

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