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Dan Vis

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Dan Vis

Dan Vis is the founder and director of FAST Missions. This lay training ministry is dedicated to helping Christians memorize Scripture effectively, live it out practically and pass it on consistently.The FAST discipleship courses have been based on training individuals to become disciples in their own personal ministry and to establish soul-winning small groups. Dan Vis is a teacher of the Bible at both academy and collegiate levels. He has conducted lay training workshops across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.
Today Dan serves as a pastor in North Aurora Church, Illinois in the United States. For more information regarding Dan Vis’ ministry, FAST missions visit http://www.fast.st.


Keeping the Word
21/02/12, 05:30 PM
35:20 minutes

The Explosion Formula
21/02/12, 05:30 PM
46:55 minutes

Personal Discipleship
21/02/12, 05:30 PM
55:45 minutes

The Missing Key
21/02/12, 05:30 PM
48:56 minutes

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