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Ivor Myers

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Ivor Myers

Ivor Myers is a Jamaican native that immigrated to the U.S. with his family at the age of six. He became embroiled in the hip-hop culture and in 1993 he along with his younger brother Sean became part of a four-man hip-hop group known as The Boogiemonsters. Their group made appearances on television programs such as Soul Train and BET and featured in magazines such as Vibe and Rolling Stones.
At the height of their career and whilst recording their first album as part of a $850,000 contract with EMI Records, Ivor and Sean were introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ. After intense study of the scriptures both Ivor and his younger brother left the music industry. They are now both involved in full-time ministry.
Today, Ivor Myers is the speaker and director of Power of the Lamb ministries. He also co-hosts with his wife the 3ABN series “Battles of Faith.”
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Amazing Grace and the Loud Cry
19/01/12, 09:30 AM
61:39 minutes

Escape from the Black Hole
29/11/11, 11:30 PM
90:20 minutes


Restoration Connected

1. Jury Selection
06/03/12, 01:30 PM
39:59 minutes

2. Escape from the Black Hole (Restoration Connected Version)
06/03/12, 01:30 PM
73:10 minutes

3. The Spell
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
37:35 minutes

4. The Beast from the Abyss
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
75:32 minutes

5. Holy Rebellion
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
36:44 minutes

6. The Third Opening and the Coming Revival
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
62:19 minutes

7. The Art of War
06/03/12, 10:30 PM
43:36 minutes

8. Defence Against the Dark Arts
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
82:18 minutes

9. Grasshopper
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
41:08 minutes

10. Weapons of Our Faith
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
61:54 minutes

11. Chain Reactions and the Verity of the Third Angel’s Message
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
84:19 minutes

12. Question and Answers – How to Study the Bible
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
42:06 minutes

13. A Love Story
06/03/12, 12:30 PM
84:10 minutes

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