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Lloyd Grolimund

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Lloyd Grolimund

Lloyd Grolimund is the Senior Pastor of a Christian church situated in Wahroonga. Preaching on central topics of Christianity, his church services feature powerful, Bible based messages with a vigorous evangelism programme. He has also developed a TV ministry known as WAT Ministry.


Is There A Future For Our Planet?
02/05/12, 12:00 PM
19:42 minutes

Jesus Our Saviour
02/05/12, 12:00 PM
24:31 minutes

02/05/12, 12:00 PM
23:34 minutes

How to Get Through Depression
02/05/12, 11:45 AM
17:53 minutes

Will the World End in 2012?
28/10/11, 04:00 PM
24:53 minutes

The Rise of Evolution
28/10/11, 04:00 PM
32:52 minutes

Self Esteem
28/10/11, 04:00 PM
18:47 minutes

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