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Peter Gregory

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Peter Gregory

Born in South Korea, Christian evangelist Peter Gregory moved to the US at 12 years of age. He found himself surrounded by the break dancing culture and joined the legendary New York Breakers break dancing crew. Peter was known on the streets by his break dancing name “King Cobra” until he was to visit church. Once the Bible’s truths were revealed to him, his life changed and has never been the same. At the age of 17 he was baptised. He has since traveled to over 45 different countries evangelizing and preaching God’s Word, adamant to inspire individuals to have a deeper experience when studying the Bible.
Peter Gregory is currently the director of IONA Missions, a training center for young people to become missionaries and Bible workers. For more information regarding IONA Missions visit


King Cobra – Testimony of Peter Gregory
14/12/11, 09:30 PM
42:46 minutes



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29/03/13, 10:30 PM
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2. How to Answer Difficult Bible Questions
29/03/13, 10:30 PM
57:35 minutes

3. Our Identity, Our Mission
29/03/13, 10:30 PM
65:26 minutes

4. How to Give a Bible Study
29/03/13, 10:30 PM
60:27 minutes

5. The Full Cycle of Evangelism
29/03/13, 10:30 PM
58:03 minutes

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